Guaranteed value.

BLAUVERD CONSTRUCCIÓN DE HÁBITATS, S.L.U. is a construction company that was founded in 1985 and which specialises in comprehensive construction services, guaranteeing quality and precision.

At Blauverd Construcción we mainly focus on private customers and we deal with all types of construction projects in each of their phases, from new construction to renovation, alteration, extension or maintenance.

Know-how, experience and customer service are the mainstays of our family business.

The importance of our promise

Setting parameters for the construction process, from the earliest definition phases to commissioning, allows us to have an overall view of our customers’ needs.

We strive to integrate projects in such a way that their construction is able to benefit from quality guarantee, in accordance with the agreed budgets and deadlines.

and constantly learning

Our team is the most important asset, which is why at Blauverd we have a steady workforce which is in line with the values of the company.

50% of the Blauverd team have been at the company for over 15 years and another 20% have been with us for more than 10 years.

We rely on in-house workers and technical staff. Our technical department supports the construction company, offering flexible and effective solutions throughout the execution of each project.

We encourage performance development, participation and constant training in order to be up to date at all times.

The value of proximity and
trust when it comes to building

In each project we prioritise health, safety and all environmental aspects in order to fulfil the technical and economic requirements, as well the execution deadlines.

With over 30 years of experience and a committed team, Blauverd is the ideal comprehensive construction service company for our customers.

Professionalism, transparency, proximity and trust are essential in order to build long-term relationships with our customers, workers, providers and collaborating companies in order to add value to their activity and meet their expectations.

We strive for each of our customer’s projects to be a success.

Turnkey construction

In collaboration with top-tier technical offices, we are responsible for designing buildings adapted to the operating needs of each customer, providing our vision and experience as a construction company.

A single point of contact, capable of leading the entire project while it is carried out, in addition to the execution phase, preventing responsibility from being diluted.

And all of this at a fixed price and turnaround time.

Construction of external projects

We prepare a technical and economic proposal based on the execution project, as well as any other specific conditions set out by the customer.

Our management team, made up of in-house staff, includes the site manager, supervisor and production assistants, who implement technical solutions while in constant communication with the Project Managers.

Renovation and alterations

We offer a service which is totally flexible and adapted to the specific needs of each project, with in-house workers and specialist staff in any area that may be needed.

We adapt to the specific planning required for the work, regardless of schedules or conditions, always under the protection and supervision of our technical team, and giving priority to the requested delivery deadlines.

Delegated development

We assume risks for both development and construction. We take care of urban management to obtain permits, the design, the preparation of the execution project and construction management in order to materialize any real estate project in the best way possible.

Open book contract

The Open Book Contract service is offered with an “OPEN BOOK” transparency contract, by means of which we show the customer our crystal-clear breakdown of material unit prices and we charge set fees, calculated based on the initial proposal, plus a variable related to the cost savings.

Searching for land

If you need land we can help you through our network of external collaborators.

We also take care of urban land development where necessary, when dealing with land that is not already prepared for land development.

Team of people with exceptional professional and human qualities.

When we began the most important project for our company in the EMEA region, being able to place our trust in Blauverd was lucky.

As part of the management at Stoller Europe, I have had the chance to follow the development of the work from day one when we prepared the plot and started with the earthmoving. All the individuals representing Blauverd, with whom I have been fortunate enough to interact, have always had an exemplary attitude.

At Stoller we have felt listened to and understood, we have been made to feel relevant in the process of the work and this has given rise to extraordinary synergy between the property, the site management and the construction company.

I would like to highlight the entire Blauverd team’s commitment to quality and detail in the work carried out. At Stoller we have required attention to be paid to the finest details and Blauverd has always strived to meet and go beyond our expectations, dealing with each item with special care.

Sergio Aguilar

General Manager of Stoller Europe SLU.

For us this is the most reliable and trustworthy provider.

Blauverd has been the construction company of reference for our firm for over 30 years. It has been involved in the execution of various extensions of the Xeresa centre and recently in the construction of the new Alzira fruit and vegetable centre.

Fernando Castello Naya

Manager of FRUXERESA

A participative company which is local and highly-skilled has done an excellent job, therefore it has our complete trust.

In 2018 Blauverd executed a major turnkey extension of our facilities in Guadasuar (Valencia), consisting of a unique office building and a showroom with cutting-edge technology.

Emilio Mateu

CEO / Executive Director of TCI Cutting

We have been very pleasantly surprised by the experience, professionalism and really friendly approach.

For a company devoted to the manufacturing of railway vehicles, as in the case of Stadler, we have been very pleasantly surprised to find a construction company like Blauverd with a wealth of experience, professionalism and a really friendly approach. If I had to mention one factor that makes it stand out from other large construction companies that we have worked with, it would be its technicians. Their cooperation, and their interest in helping to look for solutions to their customers’ problems is really rewarding and not easy to find.

Vicente Aparicio Berruga

Chief Engineer for Industrial Construction at STADLER

Blauverd meets my expectations.

It is involved in constructing 40 homes in the centre of Aldaia. I consider myself to be demanding and a perfectionist, and Blauverd has been able to meet my expectations, always finding solutions by consensus, in due time and proper form.

Francisco Javier Sanchis Pascual

CEO of Patrimonial Sanpas

Committed to
the environment

In order to achieve higher quality in our services, as well as a more positive attitude towards looking after our surroundings, Blauverd Construcción de Habitats SLU, in its commitment to protect the environment, has introduced a series of annual objectives for improvement with the intention of bettering its environmental performance. As set out in the ISO 14001 standard, Blauverd Construcción de Habitats SLU also regularly determines the

environmental aspects derived from its activity and the impact on the aforementioned, using these to establish preventive measures to reduce or get rid of these, where appropriate. If you would like further information on these achievements or others, Blauverd Construcción de Habitats SLU offers detailed information on the aspects identified and on the environmental performance of its activities to any interested parties who request the aforementioned.